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what is

soliloquism ?

Titanic Week started it.

If you want to know that origin story, it's here.

And while I’ve always been captivated by Titanic, I’m also captivated by a whole lot of topics.

So eventually, my annual tradition of a 5-day-long Titanic binge became A Thing I Did Sometimes... I’d just do a write-up about something that interested me and hit Post.

And after however long it was, that Thing I Did Sometimes outgrew my FB page. So I got the internet involved.

Soliloquism is my miscellany. Of history and folklore, anecdotes and narratives, animals. And anything else, really.

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You’re spot on to suspect that “soliloquism” is not an actual word, by the way.

But it is my portmanteau. (And the fact that the word “portmanteau” itself was just a folding suitcase until Alice was educated elsewise while through the looking glass? That just makes it all the more delightful to use.)


(1) so · l i l · o · q u i z e


to speak one's thoughts aloud when by oneself, regardless of who may hear

(2) · ism


a distinct practice, system, or philosophy

Soliloquism, therefore, is my practice of speaking (writing) my thoughts out loud (here). Out loud to myself, or so I’d figured. 

But now, I realize—and I hope—it’s to the benefit of anyone who may happen to hear (read) it.

Thank you for happening to hear (read) it.



Your Soliloquist


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